The Fire This Time


Dare to be bold

No more days of hiding

No place to nestle a pampered head and sleep


Pull the power out of the words

They are in the back of your mouth

Write of war paint 

Drum warning songs 

Sharpen spears and polish reflective shields


Write of visions to come

And victories hard-won.

Write for children

Light their way

Write, Write, Write.


Quick there is no time

To be unsteady

Warriors are chiseled

In battle, not in times of peace


Grab on – pull up

Hold tight on agile feet

The fire this time is here! 

© 2018 Kim Brandon


KIM BRANDON is an Activist/Poet/Novelist/Painter/Storyteller. As a professional storyteller she writes and performs her own inspirational and cultural stories.  She received her BA from Bernard M. Baruch College in New York.  Ms. Brandon was  Vice President at a Fortune 100 corporation.  Leaving that world provided her the opportunity to dedicate time to her literary aspirations and she advanced her studies in fiction writing at the New School, attended North Country Institute for Writers of Color Retreats, Hurston/Wright retreats, Women of Color Writer's Workshops, Brooklyn Poets Workshops, the New York Writers' Coalition workshops and is a member of the African Folk Heritage Storytellers Circle.  Kim is an alum of VONA/Voices of Our Nation organization.


Kim has been the featured poet/artist at numerous events, workshops, human rights rallies and has been the featured storyteller in schools and cultural events. In 2018, the Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams, and Fashion For the Arts presented her with a citation for community service.

© Lem Peterkin