Baltimore City Blues is the tough story of a Blues legend Little Sister Johnson. Sister grows up alone on the famed Pennsylvania Avenue with a host of odd balls, musicians, celebrities, gangsters and even a few saints. Before her grandmother died she left the orphaned girl a pearl handled straight razor.  It was like an insurance policy of sorts for things that might come.  Sisters only dream was to grow up and sing like Lady Day.  And just like Billie Holiday, the fast life, men and the pain of regret that had her belting out low down salty Blues.

Young Sister finds herself a desired object to collect for hustlers and the like.  As her heart hardens, unfortunately for them, she proves to be more the hunter than captive prey. 


Both fame and trouble had a way of wrapping themselves around the young singer who would sing anywhere from back alley spots to the Ed Sullivan Show.  Sister couldn’t explain away why there was always blood on her own hands. Some of the folks in Black Baltimore really weren’t surprised with the news that the daring blues singer Sister Johnson had been murdered; they were stunned that it hadn’t happen sooner. Baltimore City Blues is a story of music, madness and murder.


Baltimore City Blues is historical fiction.  It is geared for adults who would enjoy a historic walk into 1940-1960’s Black Baltimore.  It is comparable to the play Lackawanna Blues, and the memoir Lady Sings the Blues and the movie Cadillac Records. 



Brandon, Hyatt, Taylor, Wilson, and Belfiglio weave a web that captivates readers. These five Brooklyn writers bring you on an internal and external journey as they take turns sharing their words. One page you are in 1940’s Baltimore, live jazz sounding in your ears, the next you are climbing Mt. Etna, ash staining your fingers. One moment you are witnessing the vulnerable place of healing from abuse, another you are in a world where foxes speak. Another page shouts the praise of sisterhood. With each turn of the page, you will uncover fresh perspectives that promise to keep you engaged.