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I'm grateful to have met so many wonderful writers on this journey...



Your Doula old as sand

Wise as the sea is wide

Brought you into this life

Caught you with her once smooth hands


She knew you before all of us

You told her you were ready to leave

It was your time


The long string of hello’s to goodbyes

Cascaded in webs of ringing telephones

We poured into the small sparse room

Where you welcomed us

Your tribe for the last time

To breath you in - take whatever we needed


The Doula told us it would be soon.

It had been four hours

Since you called

Since I gathered everyone near to your bedside

To hold your hands

We had made our way to wash your feet

To wash your feet

To witness the end of your journey

This moment this fork in the road

The bend without your warmth, your laughter

Without the sheer joy you took at each sunrise

Without that sparkling twinkling in your eyes


Steady my heart to the voids that were coming

Anticipate the thread-bare days without you

We were not ready

I asked you to call my name

Whisper it in my ear so that I would hear it always


When you had uttered each of our names

And let go of our hands

It was the child who opened the window

Opened the window


You took your queue

And hovered above us before sailing away!

Before sailing away

Sailing away


Inspired by Doula, Kathleen Shannon,

who usher souls who are at the end of their lives

into peaceful transitions.

© Kim Brandon 2018

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